Friday, December 09, 2005

Some More about Me- and other random ramblings

Like I said in my last post, before I got diabetes I had hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia. I had symptoms of this my whole life, ranging from shaking to the point where I couldn't carry anything, so not being able to tell my mom what I was watching on TV one night before dinner. When I was 14 I passed out cold at school. The nurse sent me home, saying I couldn't come back to school before I saw a doctor. So off to the doctor I went, expecting to be told something like, "Drink more water." Not so much the case, they did a blood sugar test, and it was 48. I felt fine then. So they gave me a meter and told me to call in daily with my readings. I did- they ranged from LO to 50-something has my highest. I was sent to an endocrinologist, where I had a slew of tests. An A1c of 4.0 and c-peptides, proinsulin, and insulin levels three times normal were found. I was told this would either go away, or I would run out of insulin since there was no way this could continue. I was given a glucagon kit (and I've used it twice) and sent to a dietician, who taught me the rule of 15s for lows (15 grams carb, wait 15 minutes, test again, repeat as necessary), and a CDE, who basically taught me how to use my meter (I got a new one at the appointment) and how to use glucagon.

Fast forward 6 years to now. Diabetes was no surprise. I knew the symptoms, and I was noticing them in myself. Constant thirst, fatigue, and getting up three times a night to use the bathroom. So I did what any rational person would do- I threw the meter is a drawer and stopped testing. What you don't know can't hurt you- right?

But the symptoms appeared more and more. So I decided to test. "HI" read the result. What the heck? That was fast! I look up HI in my manual, since this is a new one on me, and there it is- "Test result over 600." Wow, I spent years of my life rarely seeing over 100, now this.

Obsessed, I then tested more than ever. Well it did not stay over 600, in the first week alone I had 5 results over 600, 2 in the 500s, 1 in the 400s, none in the 300s, at least 20 in the 200s, and just 1 under 200. So I call up not-so-faithful endo (I hate my endo and try and avoid going there as often as possible). On September 29, I was dx'ed with diabetes. She determines I am honeymooning and don't need insulin at the moment. Whatever. So at the moment, I am not on insulin, but boy I wish I was! It actually amazes me I have lasted this long without insulin. I may sound crazy, but I would love more than anything to be insulin. I just hate constant highs and not being able to do anything. I would also feel so much better. Right now my bs seems somewhat normal though- running 200 to 300. I am in the process of looking for a new endo. As far as type is concerned- the current suspicion is LADA.

Changing subjects-
I went grocery shopping yesterday. I was shopping for my whole family, so I had a ton of food in my cart. Usually my food in my cart looks pretty healthy. However, yesterday, this was not the case. I was following my mom's list, and had a cart o' carbs. At one point in time I had 5 brownie mixes, a bunch of rice, and 7 cake mixes (my sister is in the cake business- okay?) in my cart. Yeah. And I couldn't help but think, "I would hate to run into my endo now." Or even anyone that knows I have diabetes.

I also had to go to the eye doctor yesterday to pick up a trial pair of contacts, since I had dropped my last contact on the floor (note to self- turn on light to take out contacts) and hadn't noticed it was missing till the next morning, at which point it was unselvedgable. I hadn't had a contact eye exam in two years, officially disqualifying me from being able to get my contact script refilled, and insurance will pay for a new exam in January. Thankfully they agreed to give me a pair to get me through till then, cause I hate glasses! At that appointment I get to tell my eye doc I have diabetes. Now that is something I look forward to- not!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, those who did. I look forward to getting involved with the O.C. (I love that name! Reminds me of a TV show of something).


Allison said...

Hey Megan!

Yay! Another youngin'!

My name is Allison, "manager" of sorts at the Diabetes OC website and I blog over at Lemonade Life. Welcome to the OC. I wish I had a fruit-basket to give you.

I'm adding you to the OC site. Feel free to drop me a line anytime, and check out my adventures in college.

julia said...

Hey, welcome to the O.C.

Listen, if you're running in the 200-300s, it sure sounds to me like you need to be on insulin. I'd find another endo, especially if you hate the one you have now. A good endo is a key component in managing this disease.


Megan said...

Yes, I know I need a different endo. I hate mine mainly because she doesn't listen to my concerns. Problem is, occasionally my pancreas does kick in a little, and then I go low for no reason. So I am thinking humalog or something just to correct highs would be best at this stage.