Saturday, December 31, 2005

I've been tagged

Nicole tagged me to share five random facts.

1. I hate shopping. I really do. I can't stand going to the mall. I avoid it at costs. I have failed as a girl. Fortunately, I have a sister who looks out for me who loves shopping, so I usually look decent. :)

2. I'm going to school to be a nurse practitionar. It's a 5 year program, so in three short years I will be an NP (hopefully).

3. I have to younger sisters, who so far, are both healthy.

4. I love camping. I do it as often as possible, which usually means a few times during the winter (in a cabin), most of the summer (I still get summer break ;)), and several weekends in Spring and Fall.

5. My dad has type 2 diabetes, and totally does not take care of himself, which fraustrates the hell out of me.

And now I get to tag people. Sorry if someone else tagged you, but it is getting confusing, so I will just be checking to make sure you have not posted 5 random facts yet, not so much that you have not been tagged, though I won't tag you if I know someone else tagged you.

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