Thursday, December 08, 2005


Well, blogging is something I never thought I would be into. I tried once and it was not something that I enjoyed. The idea of an online diary (which is basically what a blog is- right?) seems kinda weird to me. But recently I found a series of blogs about diabetes, and since I found out I have diabetes in September, I figured I would try my hand at it again. We'll see how it goes, no promises.

Anyways, while I was dx'ed with diabetes in September, I had a condition called hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia my whole life before then. My pancreas spazed out and created too much insulin my whole life, till it up and ran out of insulin this year. Oh joy. So I am no stranger to blood sugar tests, carb counting, or low blood sugars, but this high blood sugar stuff is new ;)


Kerri. said...

Hi Megan!

I found your blog through a comment you left on my site. Good luck with your new blog (yes, it's strange at the outset but after a few weeks, you might find yourself posting odd, personal tidbits. Or maybe introspective ramblings. Or possibly a spoof of an Edgar Allen Poe poem. Hmmm...)

Do you mind if I link you from Six Until Me?


Megan said...

I'll love if you did that. I have been reading your blog for awhile and you do a great job with it.

SUPERMOM said...

HI Megan!!
I am new to this blogging. I am a Mom of a 9yr old with diabetes. She has had it for 3 years so although I feel we are always learning something new we are getting pretty comforatable with the routine of it and getting ti in control. THe first fe w months were tough as he was only 5. But diabetes wise just getting the hang of insulin ratios and sensitivities etc was tough. Hang in there. I have found so much supoort here on the net and through Children with Diabetes that it makes it bearable. Whenever you have a question there will always be someone willing to help. Or a shoulder to lean on as well. Take care. Drop on by to Butterfly Kisses and Bedtime Prayers sometime.

Patti AKA Supermom

Sandra Miller said...

Megan, welcome to the online community of diabetes bloggers.

I found you through a comment you left on my site as well.

Seems that diabetes is an amazing catalyst for blogging... I think if you give this thing a go, you'll be surprised by how much support comes your way from others in this community.

I'm sorry to read of your diagnosis, but am glad you've decided to share your story (I'm adding a link to your blog this morning).

Hang in there,