Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Little Rant...

...About a couple things. Hope I don't end up complaining too much ;)

I also want to use this post to wish everyone a happy one-week-till-Christmas-day!

Firstly in the rant department, my c-peptide. C-peptide is a test used to show how much insulin your pancreas is producing naturally. The normal range is .5-2.0, or some labs use 3.0 as the top mark. Before this diabetes stuff, mine was 5.9. Clearly, double or triple the normal range. Typically this would mean insulin resistance, or type 2 diabetes. However, I was neither. My blood sugars normally ranged with highs in the 50s. Clearly too low. The diagnosis was clearly clear as hyperinsulinemic hpoglycemia.

But that was then.

Then the blood sugars were high. And the new c-peptide- .3. In the year between the two lab draws my c-peptide became a fraction of what it was. Now, this result is in the type 1 diabetes range. But alas, not that simple in my case. So the question becomes, what type am I? I don't know whether I have insulin antibodies or not, and that isn't accurate all the time anyways. I do not have the body of a type 2 person, I am not overweight, nor am I old. Or even close to old, thank you very much. However, type 2 runs in my family. Though I must confess to being the only person I know, or ever knew that had hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia.

The c-peptide fraustrates the heck out of me because .3 is low enough to need supplemental insulin (though apparently not all the time), but also high enough to show my pancreas is still plugging along- some. .3 also means my pancreas does spurts, like what likely happened during my crazy lows.

So this is either LADA or a honeymoon, but either way, it's here for good, and apparently, the c-peptide is only gonna drop. But maybe it will be easier when I don't have to worry about my pancreas kicking in once in awhile?

As far as blood sugars are conscerned, I have reduced the insulin to prevent lows. This works okay most of the time, but then there were a few concerning numbers: the first day I pulled a 429, a 467, and then two 600s. So back up went the insulin dose. Next day was good, but I had a few 50s. Granted, still better than the 20s. So I pulled the dose back just a little more (half a unit less). That brought me to now. Seems to be doing okay. On that dose I had a 190, and a 218, but oh well, I also had a 100! So I think that is as good as it's gonna get.

Moving on to my second "little rant." Even though I was recently dx'ed, I have been using a meter since before then. I got the Freestyle Flash because it has the lights, is small, and you get the free data cable to upload results to the computer. Well, the software has been recalled since AUGUST. Still no new version. Gerr... And then to add to my fraustrations, the website STILL says they have software to go with it. Talk about false advertising! I'm seriously considering switching to Lifescan, so I can use their software.

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