Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bad Day for Technology Here

So today my Inspiron 5150 (yes, I know it is notorious for PSU problems) died. I was just typing, and off it went. Power just cut out. I tried to turn it back on- no luck. Hours later I tried again. Then it worked- for about 5 minutes. Then total death again. Okay, time to call Dell. Thank God it is under warranty. The lady I talked to- what an idiot. My gosh. I told her my computer will not power on. So what does she ask? "Can you get online?" No dumbass, my computer will not do anything. She asked me this three times. So we continue on some further excersises in futitlity. Does my CD drive work? Well, it did. Does my monitor work. So she tells me to clean out my fan. Right... She keeps telling me it's an OS problem and I just need to reinstall my OS. As calmly as possible I tell them I can't install anything, the farking computer won't power on, and that I have seen plenty of "OS problems" and this was not it. To get her off my case I simply told her a live cd didn't work either.

An hour later I get transferred up. She has me take out my optical drive, hard drive, wireless card, RAM, and modem. After taking out each item I have to try powering it on.

Well, she tells me it's a MOBO problem (I told them at the beginning the problem was likely PSU). Their solution? Next week I get a box, then I can send it too their center (I asked where it is, she doesn't know), and maybe three weeks later I will have a computer that works.

I'm a little pissed.

To make matters worse, my sister got home from work today, parked my mom's car she was using. Then she tried to start it. It didn't start. So my dad replaced the battery. Still no luck. So he jumped it with another car. Then the lights started flashing, the windows went up and down. and the doors locked and unlocked. It still won't start.

Friends, it was a bad day for technology in my house.


Penny said...

"farking"? I don't think I've ever heard that word before. But, I like it.

Megan said...

Lol. That is my alternative to a more commonly used word. A picked it up on a forum I belong to.