Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sometimes I can Be an Idiot

Monday I went to school. It's a normal thing for me to do. After school, I drove home. My first clue something was wrong should have been when I turned on the air conditioning in my car. It was 10 degree outside, and I couldn't stop sweating.

I kept driving.

And driving.

Soon I was two miles from home, but all I wanted to do was sleep. Sleep, and eat, and get the sweat off of me. I watched the fast food restuarants wizz by me as I kept driving. It briefly occured to me that I may have been low, but hypoglycemic me decided I was just looking for an excuse to eat junk food.

I kept driving. One mile from home. And hitting every red light on the way. The steering wheel slipped in damp hands as I navigated the icey roads to my house.

I felt into my backpack on the passenger seat. There is always copious amounts of sugar there. At this very point in time I had 5 suckers, a full roll of glucose tabs, and a bite sized chocolate bar. I ate the bite sized chocolate bar.

While digging in my backpack, I felt the vinal case of my meter. "TEST!" Every instinct told me. But I was too focused on driving.

3 blocks from home. More red lights and a slow old man driver. Damn it. Slow driver causes me to hit another red light.

One my street. No cars- just stop signs now. Two to be exact.

I'm in my driveway now. I grab my bag. It's too heavy for me. I just want to drop it. The door feels heavy to shut too.

I make it in the garage. Oreos!!! I grab the roll of it, and head to the kitchen. Before even taking off my coat I start eating. Do I eat the oreos in my hand? Why no. I grab the diet coke and the hard boiled eggs in the fridge. Half a diet coke and 3 eggs later I start in on the oreos. Six oreos later I test- 39. Nice. I down a glass of milk, lay on my bed, and wake up two hours later.

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Nicole P said...

Yikes. Lows in the car are terribly scary. I'm sorry this happened -- but I'm glad you're safe and sound. Isn't it funny how the things you grab first -- the eggs and the Diet Coke make no sense at all? It's like your brain is fighting against you as you work to help the rest of your body....