Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sometimes I Amaze Myself

Today I went up to the camp I work at. I had lunch there and did the unthinkable- I forgot to cover the lunch carbs with a shot. About an hour later I felt high. Go figure. At this point I realize why rather quickly (duh!). So I go out to my car to get my meter that is sitting in the freezing cold outdoors. I test at 130. WTF? SInce I feel high and 1 unit usually brings me down about 50, I decide a half unit would put me at 105. So I do it. An hour later my meter has warmed up some, and the half a unit is already making me feel better. I clock in at 180 this time. Okay, that is more like it. I figure this means I was to the tune of 205 before. I take another full unit. Now three hours later I'm ready for dinner and at a smooth 103. Sometimes I amaze myself at my ability to make a come back!

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Johnboy said...

Managing this disease has everything to do about adjustments. Sounds like you are getting smart!