Sunday, January 29, 2006

Take a Deep Breath In

Many blogs in the OC have mentioned inhaled insulin in their blogs, and this is even my second time bringing it up. Therefore, I hate to bring it up yet again, except for one thibg. I hear commonly amongst the bloggers that the news is doing a poor job presenting inhaled insulin. However, I found a new article that I think did a pretty good job balancing the pros and cons, so I thought I would share, even though you have all heard them by now. Enjoy!

Read the article here.


Johnboy said...

Megan, thanks for posting this.

Aside from the potential coughing
and irritation, I would be really curious about whether this left a weird taste in my mouth. If it's anything like insulin, then no thanks!

For those who are afraid of needles and don't want to pump, I could see it having advantages.

I'm just going to wait to hear what actual users say before jumping in...

Megan said...

I take asthma inhalers, and all of those leave a funny taste in my mouth, so I would not be at all surprised if this did too.

Elizabeth Snouffer said...

Hi Megan:

First time I have visited your site - great job.

I am linking you to mine. Would you consider linking me?


Megan said...

Thanks for linking me. I am going to set up links from mine soon, but I have yet to set that up, and I need to find the time when I can set up several at once. Thanks for visiting.