Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Why is it that some days such minor things annoy me? Mostly I think it is anger compiled over many weeks now. I am so annoyed about so many things. For one thing, I am on my fourth semester of college, and my third semester of commuting. I am going crazy. I am sooo sick of commuting. I am spending way more time with my family than I should be at my age. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but seriously, they drive me nuts sometimes. When I live at school, I can do my own thing. Here they get upset if I spend too much time on the computer, sleep in, or am gone longer than I said I would be. I turn 20 in a few weeks, and I just don’t want to deal with this anymore. And now their new thing is calling me a lier. This irks the hell out of me, because I despise lying, and I have NEVER lied to them. I forget to stop at the store, tell them I forgot, “LIER, you just don’t want to help.” I tell them it took me 45 minutes to get to school this morning. My sister #1 informs me I am a lier because it took me only 20 minutes yesterday when she came with me. First off, it was 1pm, not 8am, secondly, we left from a mall 20 minutes from my house, not home.

Now that it is snowing at, my commute annoys me even more. Something about staring at break lights for the first 45 minutes of your day is not good for you. And drivers are just stupid. I hate waking up early, and I figured out I could get up an hour later every morning if not for the damn commute. I’m busy, and freeing an hour and a half up of my time, sometimes more if I have to go in more than once, is appealing to say the least.

I also rarely see my friends living at home. I see the ones from school during classes, and maybe once a week outside classes, but the students living in the dorms see each other all the time.

Finally, the upperclassman dorms are nice. Really nice. I had issues last time I lived in the dorm, but they all revolved around my room mate, and next semester if I live there, I will be an upper classman, with my own room as part of the apartment.

My dad supports my decision to live on campus again, but my mom, quite frankly, is being a bitch about it. She says it’s a waste of money.

My other thing I’m upset about this evening in my sister. Sister #2. No matter what, I cannot get along with this kid. She is 13. Every time we have to spend more than 5 minutes together, we just scream at each other. She is 13. I know that age is tough, but she seriously comes across to me as the most selfish, lazy, bratty person I know. I know this sounds horrible, but she constantly talks about people at school saying things like, “I am cool, she is not cool, so I can’t talk to her. That girl, oh, we used to be friends, but she is a slut now. That person is UGLY.” I hate hearing her talk about other kids like this. And she always talks about how smart she is and says things to my parents like, “Don’t worry if those two are total failures, you still have me to make you proud.” She is lazy too. If she has to work too hard at something, she quits, or cries if she can’t quit. I am constantly driving her around, because she is too lazy to walk. She cried because I wouldn’t give her a ride to school this morning because I was late. Then she tattled, hours later, then said I brought it up again. She has this stupid holier than thou attitude about everything. She drives me nuts. Then this afternoon I was taking a nap, and got woken up to take her to the dentist. It is a mile away. Then I had to take her to church. Driving her around I will not miss.

Now I still have a test tomorrow to study for.


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