Thursday, December 07, 2006

Silly Me

Unfortunately, the end of the semester and all the accompanying business has forced me on my own little blogging hiatus. And then I realized I totally miss checking for comments on my blog and such, though I have still immensely enjoyed reading all the other blogs and commenting. I digress however. I miss blogging. So a short, somewhat meaningless post in which I share my utter stupidity.

Has anyone else ever done this before?

Scenario: I have a perfectly good set. The kind you can't feel. I'm tired, and it's shower time. I hope in hot water, and enjoy letting it relax my body. And I soap up. And the soap meets resistance. Yep, that would be my perfectly good set I couldn't feel, now perfectly clogged with soap. Cause I didn't watch where I washed. And now I need to change it. But the old one smells like Dove at least.

And I wouldn't feel as stupid if this wasn't my second time doing it. Next time, I shall stick with loofahs.


mel said...

or use the little cap :) which I've honestly never used, but I suppose they are useful! I try and keep one lying around somewhere just in case I need it. But that means they end up in the "drawer" or my purse or anywhere. :)

Carey said...

We put the cap on before bathing Charlie. My biggest problem (happened again last night) is remembering to put the pump back on him after the shower.

Bernard said...

Been there done that. I've also brushed it so hard with the soap that I've partially dislodged it.

And like carey, I've forgotten to put my pump back on.

This is all amazing when you consider how many people are scared of wearing these things because they could never get used to them!

Megan said...

Lol Bernard, I so agree. I tell people like that that I forget it's there. And I had some major site irritation at first, but once you get it worked out, I rarely feel it.

Hmmm...cap. I never thought of that. Thanks for the idea.

Sara said...

I use the cap in the shower. Sometime the loofah catches on that though :)
But really, do we need a new cap supplied with every set? I am constantly throwing them out and finding them all over the apartment!

Megan said...

The insets don't give a cap with every set. They give you like 2-3 a box.

Megan said...

Cleos don't have a cap at all, and this is the first time I have ever even given that a thought.

Sara said...

Megan -
With my MiniMed quickset insertion sets I get a cap with every set. Promise!

Megan said...

Lol, I believe you Sara. I've never used Quicksets, just commenting on the ones I have used.

Sarah said...

If it makes you feel any better, I pulled out a set yesterday by SITTING DOWN... I had one right near my waistband and it caught on the site, which didn't bother me until my waist changed shape. Hurt and bled some, was just getting in the car to go out.
I keep wondering about the Cleos too, a clip would be nice.

-Sarah S.