Thursday, December 21, 2006


Bettercell tagged me to share my top 5 holiday tunes. So here is goes.

5. Sleigh Ride- this was done at every Christmas concert I was in in high school. We did it wonderfully every year, and alumni were allowed to preform with us if they so wished.

4. o Holy Night- another favorite of mine

3. The Little Drummer Boy- we have a music box that plays this, and it's always been a favorite holiday trinket of mine

2. Carol of the Bells

1. Christmas Eve Sarejevo- I love the Tran Siberian Orchestra! And yes, I know this is similar to Carol of the Bells, but it sounds different enough in my opinion.

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BetterCell said...

Thank you for posting this video Megan. It is too bad that there are countries out there that want to destroy all this. It is OUR job to prevent this from happening.
There is more to Life than Diabetes!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.