Saturday, November 18, 2006

Diabetic Society

I walk down the hall, and alas, I see a clip on someone's pocket, and the familiar tubing sneaking up under her shirt. Another pumper. We stop, and talk. I've never met her before, but we chat for almost an hour. And not just about diabetes, either. We had something in common, and clicked.

Every time I meet someone with diabetes, it's like "insta-friend." Here at the OC we come from all different walks of life, all different ages, races, sexual orientations, geographic location, professions, etc. We're different. Yet, we all get along. Because that common bond unites us.

I just finished reading my third book about diabetes I have read this year. Every month, magazines from 2 different publishers reach my mailbox, both about diabetes. Any drug store has rows of product devoted to us. And there are now FIVE companies that sell pumps in the US. You can do a google image search for "diabetes" and find pictures about us. We have our own websites. We have our own camps. Some profit-savvy food manufacturers have even attempted lines of food devoted to us. We have our own language (bolus, basal, carb ratio, ISF, bg- these are not words most people use everyday).

Compliments of Wikipedia, the definition of society:

"A society is a group of human beings distinguishable from other groups by mutual interests, characteristic relationships, shared institutions and a common culture."

When I traveled across the globe, I met another American. He was from a different part of the US than I, and also older. But we talked. Because we were part of the same society.

And that's how it was when I met another pumper. And how it is at the OC. We are a society within a society, a culture unto ourselves.


George said...

I love the OC! I am so glad to be a part of it!

Penny said...

I was just telling my husband this morning that it's wierd the sort of connection you have with someone just because they have D. For example, my oldest son has 2 kids in his class with D and they both have a special place in my heart.
Also, a teacher at Holden's school has D and wears a pump. Everytime Riley sees her, he goes up and gives her a hug. Why? Just because she has D too. Even Riley at such an early age realizes that "bond".
He last saw her last night and went up and hugged her. She pulled off her pump and showed it to him and said "I'm so proud of you, because I know how hard it is." And, thus a bond is formed.

Lili said...

I am starting to feel this, too. I love the OC.

Vivian said...

That was beautiful. It is true, this is a wonderful society and as much as I hate the reason of formation, I am glad we are all here.