Friday, November 17, 2006

Just When I Felt Like I Needed Something to Post

Another MeMe comes and saves the day:

Three Things I Do Every Day:Eat, Check e-mail (ok, everyday when I'm home), test my blood sugar (I know, how original, like, everyone posted this one, but it's true).

Three Things I Wish I Could Do Every Day:
Get 8+ hours of sleep, get all the homework I need to get done done, do something fun.

Three Hopes I Have for Today:
That the tacos for dinner turn out well, that I get to talk to someone I have been wanting to talk to for awhile, that my site that's rather sore makes it through one more day.

Three Things I Hear:
Computer fan (and keys clicking), dog barking somewhere done the street, a car passing by

Three Ways I Have Changed my Life:
Went on a pump, went to college, became a Christian

Three People I Wish I Could See Again:
my friend Jess (she's still around, just moved far away), my grandpa, my counselor from camp from years ago

Three Items I Wish I Owned:
an ipod, a snowboard, a smaller laptop

Three Wishes I Had When I Was Young:
to go to outer space, to be royalty, to be a doctor

Three Fears I Have:
Getting in a car (or any other vehicle for that matter) accident, losing health insurance, a bad low or a bad asthma attack

Three Things on My Desk:
Clock, pens, glucose meter

Three Thoughts in My Mind:
I'm hungry and thirsty, I have yet another paper due this week, I'm sick of the rain

1 comment:

Kerri. said...

Memes do save the day.

I like that you wished to be royalty. Do you ever expect blue blood to spurt out when you test your fingers? ;)