Friday, October 27, 2006

Diabetes Thoughts

A unique view into my head at the moment. A scary place, but one I will let you visit none the less. If you have diabetes (which I think most of you who read this do), this may not be so unique. In which case, come along for an exceedingly boring visit.

Is it too soon to change my reservoir when it says I have 1.8 units left and it has been alarming for the last 10 hours or so?

How does one count carbs when one has been munching on and off for the last half hour on those yummy honey barbecue pretzel bites?

How long has this site been in? I can't remember, so we'll say I put it in yesterday.

Am I high or thirsty? We won't know till I have to go upstairs for something other than a meter.

How come I can keep track of 1 cell phone, but my 3 meters always seem to be inconveniently located?

Is using diabetes as an excuse for eating a chocolate bar in a class when eating is generally banned okay? What if my bs is sitting at a comfy 98 and I'm just hungry?

And this has been Random Thoughts....tune back next time for another likely boring entry.


julia said...

1. Change your resevoir. If it's still alarming, call the pump compnay.

2. This is called a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess). Guess how many you ate and bolus for that.

I'm going to assume the other questions are rhetorical. The first two may have been, too, but I'm always willing to give my opinion. :D

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hello? Can you still hear what I'm thinking too??

Weird - I could swear you were in my head for a minute there...


Johnboy said...

Hahaha...yep, yep...:D