Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ah, camp

I was in the health center at my very much so non-diabetes camp. There were two nurses there, and me. I was the health center aid, and loving it. One nurse was leaving for her week off, and I was helping to file the forms from that week. Nurse 2 was training for the week she was about to start.

Time for my fasting bs. 209. The humidity has brought my site problems that I thought were solved back into full few. I went through 6 sites in 2 days this week.

And then Nurse 2 made an ultimate no-no. "Somebody had too much food and not enough exercise yesterday."

What the heck?

I checked my site and dialed up a bolus.

Nurse 2: "Oh, you have a pump. I used to know someone who had diabetes that was very brittle."

Me: "I hate that word."

N2: "Anyways, her doctor told her she had to get a pump, but she didn't, so she had complications by the time she was 30. Eventually she stopped being so noncompliant and got a pump."

me: "Great *sarcasm*."

People irritate me. And I have spent this whole week fighting it. The night before:

Camper: "Megan, do you have low blood sugar?"

Me: "No, but I have diabetes."

Camper: *frightened look* "My great grandma died of diabetes."

Me: "And I am sure she was a lot older than I am, and I take good care of myself."

So that has been my week comment wise. But in good news, I have some new Cleo 90s to try out!


Penny said...

I get what you're saying. I have asked my husband to stop announcing Riley's sugars to me when out in public. People just don't understand and will get a look of horror on their faces when his sugar is even a little high. They act as if Riley may keel over at any second, and I really have no patience for it.

And, I'm a nurse and I'm just shocked how little some nurses know about Type 1. I'm constantly educating them. I had a nurse the other day that asked if Riley took pills for his D. I may know a lot more about Type 1 now than I did before Riley got it, but I knew you had to take insulin. Thus, the term "insulin dependant diabetes".

Johnboy said...

Megan, it never ceases to amaze me just how far ignorance and insensitivity can spread.

I know it's easier to say, "brush it off, and keep going" than to actually do it, so I won't say anything about that. ;)

BetterCell said...

The Camper sounds like she cares a lot about you, which is why she mentioned her Grandmother/Diabetes. It is good that you took the time to reassure her.

Megan said...

Bettercell, the camper is a total sweetheart. Camp is the only place she feels like she fits in, and she comes from a not-too-loving home environment. She lacks confidence. I taught her to shoot a bow and arrow and she loves me for it. As she hit the target I saw a total sense of accomplishment in her face that brought such joy to me. I am actually thinking about writing a post about her.

Jen said...

I TRY to ignore people that make those comments. I try to tell myself that they are only trying to relate what they know to your situation. It doesn't always help the extreme annoyance.
Good luck with the Cleo's! I LOVED them!

Kelsey said...

I'm sure people mean well, but why does everyone have a grandpa or great-aunt that has died of diabetes?! And why would they feel the need to tell us?!