Friday, May 05, 2006

Pump Update

I've now been pumping a few days. And I've come to a few conclusions:

1. I LOVE pumping. It's as good as I thought it would be and better. The convience is superb! I love being able to bolus on the go, and using temp rates for excersise and all the things I thought I would love about it.

2. I'm already used to wearing it, not bad at all!

3. I need longer tubing. 23 inches isn't even long enough for me to set it down when I get dressed.

4. I LOVE the insets. No pain at all yet!

5. I need higher basals across the board- I can do better than 150s-200s. No lows yet though. Right now I am using 9.18 units basal. I was using 11 units on Lantus.

6. Having meter built into pump=huge convienance.

7. The Cozmo case does, indeed, suck.

8. I had a milkshake and didn't even feel sick afterwards! That's amazing!

9. Filling up reservoir 150 units is about perfect for my 20 unit a day requirments. That works out to about 2 reservoir changes per set change perfectly.

I think there's more, but that's all I can remember for now.


BetterCell said...

Do you wear the pump on your abdomen? If so, are there any raised marks left after your changes on your sites?

Megan said...

Yes, it's on my abdomen, and no, no raised marks yet. I'm on my third inset, and I can't even see where the first 2 were.

Allison said...

How about...

10. My friend Allison is an absolute genius and I love her for putting up with me during all my pre-pump paranoia!

Ok, now I approve of the list. :-)

Caro said...

I'm glad you're liking it. Many of your sentiments exactly mirror my own when I first started pumping over four years ago. And I still feel that way now.

I love the Insets too. They leave no marks on my skin, which is something I don't like about Comforts.

Oh, and I wouldn't be without the longer tubing either!

BetterCell said...

Is there a reason why you chose a Cozmo over the other popular pump, from Minimed/Medtronics?
I have also responded to your feedback on my site.

Megan said...

Yes, several actually.

1. Cozmo is waterproof.

2. I have heard Minimed's customer service has been going down.

3. Cozmo uses standard infusion sets, rather than Minimed's propritary ones.

4. Cozmo works with the Freestyle blood glucose monitor, which I love and my insurance will only cover Freestyle strips if you use Cozmo. Minimed works with BD Logic, which I have used in the past and had problems with.

5. Cozmo is highly customizable.

6. Cozmo has free software upgrades.

Tiffany said...

Congratulations, Megan!

You may find that for the first year or less your TDD (Total Daily Dose) will increase, perhaps significantly. This seems to be a normal trend within new pumpers, and generally decreases again given time.

I detest the 23" tubing. How are you finding the pump to be as a bedmate?

I am jealous enough of you inset-ters to pull my hair out. Or cry. Or both.

Megan said...

So far, sleeping hasn't been a huge problem. Occassionally I will wake up because I rolled over and yanked it, but I think if I got longer tubing, that would solve that problem.

Beanie Baby said...

Congratulations! I'm glad it's working out for you.

Sam - ( said...

Megan- great posting. so cool that you're such a fan of the pump. I've been on an old minimed pump for about 6 years but thinking about getting a Cozmo. One thing I got about a week ago was the Dexcom STS - I've been telling everyone about it because it's really changing my life - so awesome to have constant blood sugar readings in my pocket! And the charts teach you so much about how different things affect your blood sugar. The little alarms are great for limiting the highs and lows too. Just throwing it in. Glad the pump is treating you so well though - the insets you use sound great (my minimed ones definitely leave a mark!)