Friday, May 19, 2006

And Without Further Ado...

The interview questions!

Sorry this took so long.

(btw, I'm gonna add a link to your blog).
1. What was your first thought when being diagnosed?
2. When did you know you wanted to work with animals? Why? (sorry, I cheated, two questions in one).
3. Have you considered pumping?
4. Where can you typically found on a Saturday night?
5. Ten words that describe you.

Justme (adding you too! man, so many bloggers I didn't know about!).
1. Top 3 tv shows?
2. I noticed you are house hunting. Describe your dream home.
3. Top 5 diabetes pet peeves?
4. You're pretty new to diabetes- has it changed your life as much as you thought it would?
5. What is your favorite part about your hometown?

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