Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Top 5

Top Five.

Top Five Non-Diabetes Related Websites
2. e-mail (,

Top Five Reasons You’re Grinning Today
1. Cause I stayed home from school.
2. Cause we have really good cookies right now
3. Cause I got The Chronicles of Narnia on DVD.
4. Cause my blood sugars have been in range all day despite being sick.
5. Cause I finished an assignment

Top Five Uses for Bacon Bits
1. Take up space on salad bars
2. Throw at sisters in fit of rage
3. Make money for certain companies
4. Hide in dog's fur for interesting scene
5. Definitely NOT eat

Top Five Places You Want to Travel To
1. Africa
2. California
3. Alaska
4. Germany
5. Colorodo

Top Five Guilty Pleasures
1. Long hot showers
2. Chocolate
3. Naps
4. Long drives in places with high speed limits
5. Copious amounts of caffiene

1 comment:

Kerri. said...

Mmmm... long drives in places with high speed limits. Sounds freaking perfect to me.

Until my Jetta breaks down.
But that's another post entirely. :)