Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Reasons for Wanting a Pump Soon

Several comments have asked why I think a pump would benefit me now. So I present to you, my top reasons.

1. Insulin sensitivity- My insulin carb ratio is either 1/20 or 1/30 (depending on time of day) now, so since you can't take below .5 units in syringes, I could bolus much more specifically with a pump.

2. Different basal rates- I'm more resistant during the day than at night, so rather than accommodating that with different carb ratios now (a work around), I could actually set different basal rates and have less lows and highs.

3. Exercise- Setting a temp basal to prevent lows rather than eating would be so nice, and help me lose weight, since I would not have to eat more just to exercise. I seem to have lows after exercise as well as during.

4. Turning off pump during lows-My lows can be very hard to recover from, and sometimes go on for hours. Setting a temp basal would help this.

5. Eliminate weekend highs- My records show I'm way higher on weekends than weekdays, I could use different basal rates to help this.

6. Gastroparesis- Square bolus could match up the timing of the insulin to the timing of my stomach better than shots.

7. Hectic lifestyle- Bolusing with a pump iseasier than taking shots on the run, and less planning involved.

8. Some days I just seem to run low- Setting a temp basal would help this as well.

9. My schedule is going to be even more hectic in the fall then it is now, and over the summer. A pump would make things easier in several ways. Bolusing can be done “on the run,” plus, the pump would handle most of the logging.

10. My insurance co-pay for a pump goes up in July significantly, so if I want one, now is the best timing.

11. Pumps can keep track of insulin on board better than I can by myself.

Yes, I plan on taking this list to the doctor with me.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Megan,

This is a good list of very valid reasons for wanting a pump.

It can be so frustrating waiting for all of this to shake out, but stick with it!

Let us know if you have questions.

bethy said...

aren't you kind of new to D fof gastroparesis ?

Megan said...

Bethy, my gastroparesis is not related to diabetes. You can get it for other reasons. I had it before I had diabetes, it just makes some of the diabetes stuff harder to deal with.