Monday, March 06, 2006

It's not about the needles

I was recently asked for my opinion on stem cell research. My immediate answer was, "There is no way I could be against it, since I have type 1 diabetes." It makes sense that I would want to be cured to everyone, however, many peoples response to this is, "Yes, I imagine it stinks having to stick your fingers and take shots." Well, sometimes it does. But that is not at all where my fraustrations lie.

It's because I never know when my blood work will show my kidnies or heart failing.
It's because driving with low blood sugar is scary.
It's because low blood sugar is just plain scary.
It's because one second my bs can be 39, the next 379 for no apparent reason.
It's because every high bs does damage.
It's because I want to live to see grandchildren.
It's because I want to wake up feeling well in the morning.
It's because I want to do well in school.
It's because I want a healthy immune system.
It's because I get sick of fighting with insurance companies to get the meds I need.
It's because millions of people deal with these same issues.
It's because I don't want any child I have to spend the first hours of their lif on a glucose IV.
It's because I like being able to see.
It's because I like my legs just how they are.
It's because I want to be able to exercise without worrying about going low.
It's because realizing your bs is 59 and you have two units on board sucks.
It's because diabetes is expensive.
It's because everyone deserves to be healthy.


Johnboy said...

Well said.

Caro said...

Hear hear!

Scott K. Johnson said...


There is so much more to diabetes than just the "tasks" associated with management.

Great post!

Kerri. said...

What a terrific post. I agree - everyone does deserve to be healthy.