Friday, January 26, 2007



iCell (actually, a Motorola v180)

iPump (and many of uPump too)

I guess I don't see where the confusion lies. Did they start making purple cell phones?


Anonymous said...

That's pretty good!
My favorite is "Is that a pager?" Honestly, other than a doctor in a hospital, when is the last time you ACTUALLY SAW a pager?

Carol said...

I love it! I have a Cozmo too, and have had to answer the "where did you get that cell phone?" question a couple of times. My reply..."Trust me, you don't want one, it's an insulin pump."

Shannon said...

My babysitter has a pump and all the kids in school give her a hard time about how she's allowed to carry a cell phone.

I guess a quick glance leads people to believe it's a cell phone, or beeper, or whatever other gadget is out there today.