Saturday, June 17, 2006

"I Am" Meme

All you have to do is list 30 "I am" statments about yourself. I tag anyone who wants to. It's hard, but doable.

1. I am a girl.
2. I am a Christian.
3. I am a person with diabetes.
4. I am a student.
5. I am a daughter.
6. I am a camper.
7. I am a sister.
8. I am a pumper.
9. I am a thinker.
10. I am a reader.
11. I am hungry.
12. I am intelligent.
13. I am blond(no jokes necessary).
14. I am a poor college student.
15. I am a pianist.
16. I am a leader.
17. I am blue eyed.
18. I am a geek.
19. I am caucasian.
20. I am a reader.
21. I am a writer.
22. I am always listening to music.
23. I am a bargin hunter.
24. I am a water drinker.
25. I am a computer user.
26. I am pro-life.
27. I am a Narnia fan.
28. I am humourous.
29. I am getting tan.
30. I am alive.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Second only to my homepage, The Classroom is the second most viewed page according to StatCounter.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

To Parents of CWDs Everywhere

You amaze. Really. You guys need an award. Or a club. A country club. Something. Cause you guys rock.

I was 19 when I was diagnosed. My parents chose to ignore it. Then deny it. Then tell me to just stop eating sugar, and I won't need my pump. The one thing they refused to do was learn about it. They just didn't want to. It was too hard. So I deal with it on my own and with the support of the OC, a few message boards, and a few close friends. I am grateful for the support I do have.

But to hear what you guys go through. Field trips with kids. Camping trips. Filling reservoirs so your child doesn't have to deal with it. Helping your kids to realize where their out of range blood sugars come from without being judgmental. Showing up at every clinic appointment on time with your kids helping them to communicate best with the doctor.

You guys are amazing. Your patience, your problem solving, your support. I'm envious of your kids.

Pricking their fingers even though you don't want to. And they certainly don't want you too. But being as gentle as possible, and just making it part of life and easy as cheese. Changing sites or giving shots even when you don't want to. And again, they don't want you to. Even if they beg you not to. Even if you think missing one shot won't hurt. Because you know it's what's good for them. And as a parent that's priority. Staying up late at nights for 3 am checks. Losing sleep because you care so much. And never want anything to harm them. Recognizing it's not just the here and now. But the future. And praying for a cure for their future. And ours. And putting those prayers into real life action at fund raiser after fund raiser.

So as we are here in between Mother's Day and Father's Day, a special kudos to all you parents who deal with your sweet kids, while making your non-d kids never feel left out.

High five. And then some.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

That site ain't going no where!

I had a rather refreshing appointment with endo and CDE recently (isn't that nice when you leave the doctor feeling refreshed, rather than pissed off?). CDE told me she can see why I'm not just thrilled with pumping yet, but promised it will get better.

So...I'm still pumping. I half was going into the appointment thinking I was gonna tell CDE just give me some pens and let me try those. But she assurred me I haven't given pumping a fair enough try yet- and really, I know she is right.

She said I'm definitely allergic to the adhesive, so, I learned how to "sandwich" the sets with IV3000.

I did a set change this morning and used the sticky wipes and the IV3000. And let me tell you- this site ain't going no where! I think I will actually get three full days on it.