Tuesday, August 29, 2006


After a summer of giving up my Cozmonitor in favor of having a fully waterproof pump (handy for that occassional splash with the hose, unplanned canoe trip, surprising water balloon, or irresitable desire to swim) and using my handy new holster clip, I decided to reattach it tonight.

Tonight found me asking for the seventeen billionith time where my meter was. Backpack? Desk? Purse? Car? I have two flashes and a normal freestyle. And my dad has a Flash (given to him after a diagnosis of pre-diabetes) that feels very abadoned, especially compared to it's sister, owned by moi. I have meters. But it never seems to be enough.

The idea of just carrying strips appeals. Especially since I will have 16 bottles of strips thanks to my fraustrating as hell convienant mail order company. So I can keep strips anywhere I want. As long as I don't use more than 10 per day on a regular basis. And lancing devices- oh lancing devices. They are more plentiful at my house than ants at a picnic. When packing my backpack for back to school, two BD lancing devices fell out. My freestyle lancing device cracked once. So the company sent me not one, but two to replace it. Just in case. And everytime I ever needed a company to replace a meter, I seemed to get a new lancing device too. And in case that isn't enough, it seems like I could just call and ask and probably get three. And don't even get me started on lancets! My doctor seemed to be under the impression I use one lancet per strip when writing my script. Not so. And I use the Multiclix now, so to make matters worse, those lancets can't be filled for an even 100. So everytime I order a 3 month supply, I get 816 lancets. Oy.

But I digress. I reattached my Cozmonitor, and my, it's convienant. I love this pump. But dear Smiths- please make a holster case the fits the pump and meter already!


Johnboy said...

So does this mean you feel safe from attack by water baloon at this point?

I think we all have more lancets than you can "shake a stick at." I personally tried to give away a shipment that I received erroneously and found no takers.

Hey, that holster clip looks very handy. Let us know how well it functions, please!

Megan said...

The holster clip is great! But it doesn't fit the pump with the cozmonitor on.

Johnboy said...

How irritating. Why not design the clip to work with the fully loaded product? Am I missing something here?

Megan said...

My thoughts exactly.